You are wondering: 'Why we call it Voyago?'

Here is the answer: 'Voyago' In translation from Esperanto means Travel 'Travel' this is truly international definition, that is also a hobby and favorite activity of Hundreds of millions of people.

And now you can join Us.

Membership Voyago Life Style Club

Every Member will be sent a Virtual ID Card on Their Smart Phone and will be willing to book the trip on the Calendar.

For Example
  • Themed Trips
  • Beach Family Vacation
  • Cruises
  • Eco Tours
  • All Inclusive
  • African Safari
  • Exploration Tours
  • Spiritual Tours

Our business model is set to constantly improve the benefits for our Members.

Voyago Pro

We are constantly integrating new travel vendors in to our platform. While conducting a search for the airfare, the best deals will be shown first. This way our members will save time and money. For the travelers that like to have fun we have special packages based on their interests.

Our innovative technologies and coming sense have prevailed. As a result we have unique products and services:

1. Integrated Travel Search platform helping you find airfare, lodging, transfer, insurance and much more at the most competitive prices

2. Airfare search platform for your convenience

Mobile Application

Research shows, that about 20% travel searches done thru mobile devices. Mobile app will help people to use our platform to book travel regardless of their location.

Hot Deals

The System automatically sorts the search criteria and showing only the best packages with the best prices. This system could be integrated on the main page or any page and could reflect search criteria based on the country of the preference as an example.

Most Competitive Prices

Reflecting the best prices for each country. The module has 5 different options of displaying the results. In reality it is like getting 5 modules in one

Trips Slider

The best deals for different countries will be displayed in the form of bright pictures and will attract your customers. One slide transitions into another and you can insert slides with your own offers.

Trips Calendar

It is an interactive module like no others. Your Travelers can search trips with the airfare originating from their location or any other city. This module shows dates of departure prices and even seasonal weather in your destination.

Trips Clearance

Showcase of heavily discounted trips from the Tour Operators. Then the system automatically sort the offers bundles them and showcasing it as a complete package.

Search in VK

Travel search module that can be integrated and used with the social media site 'Vkontakte'. Travelers can search trips and send requests to your email.

Hotels Directory

For your customers’ convenience we have immense data resorts descriptions, as well as a user friendly directory of the hotels - all of this is integrated into your site!

Our business model is set to constantly improve the benefits for our Members.