Our Company is based on the everyday real life


Andrey Vorobyovski

Andrey Vorobyovski is an expert in business development and business relations. He has decades of sales and management experience. His dedication to the team and organizational skills and his vision and drive to success is a big asset to the One Travel Team. Andrey has an extensive experience in creating large sales organizations, working closely with the leadership in the field, to make sure new tactics and developments are utilized to help the reps to make the most out of their efforts. Andrey also working with the vendors to ensure the best possible deals are provided to the organization and the customers. Andrey is involved in every aspect of the company to make sure all practices are in place and enforced. His strategic vision and dedication to the success of the entire organization has earned him respect from the teammates.

Anatol Ostrowski

Anatol Ostrowski is an expert in Marketing, Computer Science and Technology. Anatol is in charge of building marketing platforms and integrations of entire operations under one platform. He has built platforms and successfully launched many startup companies that are operational today. With his expertise Anatol had has decided to create a platform that is convenient and easy to use for the customers and Representatives alike. He adopts the mentality that no system ever will be perfect and constantly working on improvements of the platform, tools, products and services offered. Anatol has major degrees in Marketing, Computer Science and Technology and speaks multiple languages. Anatol always has found the ways to travel more and pay less. And now his experience and skills will help a lot of people to do the same with OneTravelTeam.

Craig Olschansky

Craig Olschansky was born in 1958 in St. Louis, Missouri-the oldest of three boys. (His grandmother on his mother's side and his grandfather on his father's side were each born in Russia). He graduated from Cornell University in 1980 and from Washington University in St. Louis law school in 1983. He was in private practice in St. Louis for 28 years as a real estate lawyer and a partner in a 350+ lawyer firm. While practicing law, he became a data center developer in 2006 and then retired from the law in 2011. He and his wife, Erin, have been married for 27 years and have 4 children (two girls and two boys ages 13 to 23). He and his family moved from St. Louis to Phoenix, Arizona in 2011.

Research shows, that most of the modern successful companies base their business on the values followed by successful people.

They attract the right leadership and right people to make those Companies a success story.

We are convinced, that the most important value in our life and in our Company is the people around us.

This is our true wealth, or using the business lingo it is our Assets.

In creating the success of the One Travel Team, we decided to focus on helping people to become successful. We know for sure one thing and one thing only - The more successful our Reps, the more successful the Company.

We have our priorities in a certain order and advising our Reps to adopt the same order of the priorities.