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Facts about the Leisure Travel Industry

Travel is a truly diversified Industry

Travel industry knows no borders.

People have traveled since the dawn of civilization. The desire and need to travel is genetically embedded in our subconscious so much, that we cannot determine if it is a need or a want.

People need a Vacation in order to recharge and recuperate their mind and body. Research shows, that if a person takes a vacation at least ones a year, this person is more successful, more productive and in better health than the people that don’t. It is so important, that many companies literally 'force' their employees to take a trip, by paying for their family vacation. Those Companies do realize the positive effect of vacation in their profitability.

Travel Industry began to boom right after WWII and in a short period of time became bigger than the Banking Industry and even Auto Industry.

The Travel Industry keeps on expending by about 4% per year. This statistics were published by the World Of Travel and Tourism Council at wttc.org.

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After continuously monitoring the Travel Industry patterns in regards to the pricing, we have noticed that the bigger the group, the less money they spend per Traveler. The bigger the volume, the more negotiating power we have. Our travel specialists are helping us to broker the deals available only for our members. Those members who like to travel by themselves will have a chance to get personal attention and advise from our travel specialists.

We are constantly working on improving our travel search and booking technology. This will help you to find and purchase travel for competitive prices. We offer many destinations: beach vacations, cruises, esoteric tourism, Caribbean destinations, African Safaris and much more. If want more positive emotions in your life, If you believe, that people are our most valuable asset, you are in the right place.

Follow our philosophy. We believe and want to make sure, that every day is the best day of your life.

Make TODAY the best day of your life with One Travel Team.

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